Friday Five for April 8, 2022

Following is a list of things BruinTechs should know and share with others:

1. Event: UC UX Show & Tell: FigmaFest

Come and meet up with our friendly UC UX community!

This is a chance to learn or share about all things Figma, lightning-talk style:

  • How people use Figma
  • Favorite plugins
  • Improving UX practice
  • Ideas for improvement

After ~20 minutes of lightning talks, there will be time for discussion. This event will be held on Zoom.

Any and all project stages in Figma are welcome – early sketches, designs, components, finished projects, etc. Anyone is welcome to present.

Use the form below to attend and/or sign up for a 2-5 minute presentation slot. Sign up here.

2. Amazon to ban ‘union’ and other words from staff chat app – report

Amazon reportedly discussed plans to block the word “union” and other related keywords from an internal messaging app the company is developing for workers, according to company documents seen by the Intercept.

The list of banned words includes “union”, “fire”, “compensation”, “plantation”, “slave labor”, “diversity”, “robots”, “grievance” and “injustice”, among others, the Intercept reported. The news came days after Amazon workers in New York made history by voting to form a union, the first successful US organizing effort in the company’s history. Continue reading.

3. For the Fun: Teachable Machines

Train a computer to recognize your own images, sounds, & poses.
A fast, easy way to create machine learning models for your sites, apps, and more – no expertise or coding required. Continue reading.

4. Exhibit: Ulysses Jenkins: Without Your Interpretation

Beginning as a painter and muralist, Jenkins was introduced to video just as the first consumer cameras were made available to individuals, and he quickly seized upon television technology as a means to broadcast alternative and critical depictions of multiculturalism—citing the catalyst of Melvin Van Peebles’s Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song (1971) and its call to Black filmmakers to control their subject-hood by controlling the media depicting them. Adopting the role of a "video griot," Jenkins draws upon the inspiration of oral traditions in videos that are often structured around music and poetic recitation, as well as dynamic performances. Continue reading.

5. Twitter moves to limit Russian government accounts

Twitter has limited content from more than 300 official Russian government accounts, including that of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The accounts will no longer be recommended in timelines, notifications or elsewhere on the site, Twitter said.

The company said it would take action against any country which "restricts access to the open internet while they're engaged in armed conflict". Continue reading.