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The first, and one of the best ways to get involved and stay up to date with BruinTech is to join our Google Groups mailing list directly or send an email to

Join the BruinTech Slack channel

  1. Join UCLA's Slack workspace
  2. Add the UCLA-IT workspace
  3. Join our channel, #bruintech

To learn more about Slack at UCLA, visit IT Services’ “How to Use Slack”

Why join?

Tara Brown from UCLA's Insurance & Risk Management Dept. says:  “I want to thank the BruinTech community who indirectly inspired [our new electronic liability waiver collection tool]. It was the community and tech knowledge sharing over the years, that gave someone like me without a traditional tech background, the confidence to move forward with tech projects and ask what is possible. Technology is key to us achieving our organizational and personal goals and fully realizing what we can do as professionals. Thank you all BruinTech for the inspiration, technology mentorship and support! This is truly one of the most supportive and educational communities anyone could be a part of. Yeah!”

Volunteer Programs and Opportunities

First Fridays

Through a partnership with the UCLA Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center, BruinTech members can participate in an open clinic to assist Emeriti/Retirees with technology problems. Our volunteer technologists sit with emeriti and retiree clients to help them with questions regarding their electronic devices and other applications, including cell phones, digital cameras, email attachments, message retrieval, MS Office applications, and much more. Volunteers can come for as much time as they are able to and will get paired up with a client based on their skillset. We do not provide any “repair” work for the clients, so volunteers do not need to be from a very technical background or know how to fix computers. Our goal is to help bring the emeriti and retiree population into the digital age by allowing them feel comfortable with the technology.

BruinTech Events and Conferences

BruinTech offers many events and conferences throughout the year and we are always looking for energetic volunteers to help with planning and execution to make these events as amazing as possible for our community. Keep an eye out for volunteer calls from the Executive Board and help bring out events to life!

Technology Round Table

An event aimed at enhancing IT literacy and innovation among UCLA Faculty, through tech speed-dating, faculty are introduced to productivity tools in 10-minute intervals that will help save them hours in their teaching and research. Volunteers will have 10 minutes to explain what a particular productivity tool can do, give a brief demo, and show how to get started. Each tool can be demonstrated up to 6 times at each event, depending on the length of the event. Sample tools that have been presented in the past are: Skype, Google Docs, Dropbox, Prezi, Evernote, Doodle, and more!

BruinTech Forwards

BruinTech Forwards are hour-long presentations or town halls led by people in the BruinTech community. Past BruinTech Forwards include Slack Interactions, How to make a GIF with Adobe Creative Cloud, UCLA IT Assessment, IT Support Teams Prepare for Faculty Support in the Fall, CSS Grids - Web Design That Works, and more. Email us if you are interested in presenting a BruinTech Forward.

Techie ToTs

Our newest series, Techie ToTs (Teach one Thing), are 15 minute presentations led by people in the BruinTech community (you or your colleagues) that want to share a particular interest or technique. Your ToT presentation can be for any skill level! Email us if you are interested in presenting a Techie ToT.