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Training and Development

UCLA provides faculty, staff and students a variety of online, 24/7 educational tools, classes, and books that allows everyone with a UCLA ID to access just-in-time training.

UCLA Online Resources 

O’Reilly and Associates Safari Tech Books Online (requires campus VPN): a premier on-demand digital library providing over 12,400 technology, digital media, and business books and videos online. 

UCLA KnowledgeBase: an information bank or knowledgebase to help faculty, staff, students and campus help desks get accurate, current info about technology, administration and library solutions in this increasingly interdependent environment. 

UCLA DCP YouTube Channel: highlights accessibility best practices and also investigates many cultural issues of disability including entertainment, sports and etiquette. 

UCLA IT Services Knowledge Base: provides a repository of articles, how-to instructions and troubleshooting guides 

UCLA IT Training Resources: offers both instructor-led and web-based training, along with quick reference and user guides for products and services. 

UCLA IT Services YouTube: Watch How-To Videos on tools such as Skype for Business, VoIP, Confluence, Lync, and Office 365. 

Gartner: UCLA has an enterprise wide Gartner membership that enables UCLA faculty, staff, and students to access Gartner research documents 

Statistical Consulting: data analysis examples illustrating statistical analysis techniques and sample data from different statistical packages (R, Stata, SAS, SPSS, Mplus, and more). 

MATLAB Training: UCLA offers a campus-wide license to MATLAB, Simulink, and toolkits with access to free online training courses. Training coursese include: MatLab essential introductory tutorial, Deep learning techniques in MatLab, and MatLab Academy: Hands-on practice sesions and demonstrations. 

UCLA In-Person Resources 

OARC Workshops and Seminars: learn a variety of programs from R, SAS, SPSS, Python, Mplus, and other research tools at a training course. 

Workshops@UCLA: Workshops are collected from a variety of campus units that regularly offer research-based, digital technology instruction. Currently, workshops from the following institutes and centers are included: Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC), Young Research Library (YRL), Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE), Center for Digital Humanities (CDH), Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Institute for Quantitative and Computational Biosciences (QCB), UCLA Career Center, and UCLA Graduate Division. 

UCLA Campus Human Resources (CHR): CHR offers hands-on software classes for Microsoft Office programs, and educational and career development certification programs for career employees. 

QCB Collaboratory Workshops: The QCB Collaboratory conduct hands-on workshops tailored to individuals in the Biosciences Community who are interested in learning data analysis, programming and statistical techniques, which include the analysis of next generation sequence data. The topics include Introduction to the Unix command line, NGS data analysis, R Programming, RNA-Seq, BS-Seq, and many other. Registration is free to UCLA faculty, staff, and affiliates. 

Other Training Resources 

Not associated with UCLA.  There are other useful online training websites available for purchase or free online: 



LinkedIn Learning (Formally 

Khan Academy 

Microsoft Learn: Provides free online training to learn the latest Microsoft technologies. Register for free.