Friday Five for May 19th, 2017

Fri, 21 Jul 2017 at 14:05

FCC Votes to Begin Rollback of Net Neutrality Regulations

The Federal Communications Commission has officially begun to undo Obama-era regulations on Internet service providers, often called net neutrality rules. The rules, passed in 2015, had placed cable and telecom companies under the strictest-ever oversight of the agency.
In a 2-1 vote along party lines Thursday, the FCC's Republicans voted to propose a new review of the rules, with the goal of loosening the regulations on the industry. As dozens of protesters outside urged the agency to stop the proceeding and keep the strict oversight, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai argued that the current rules represented a "bureaucratic straitjacket" on the industry.
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This is not a partisan issue

UH Researchers Report New, More Efficient Catalyst for Water Splitting

University of Houston physicists have discovered a catalyst that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen, composed of easily available, low-cost materials and operating far more efficiently than previous catalysts.
That would solve one of the primary hurdles remaining in using water to produce hydrogen, one of the most promising sources of clean energy.
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Green is clean!

Swallowable Gastric Balloon Could Help the Obese lose Weight Without Surgery

A balloon that can be swallowed and then filled with water while in the stomach can help obese people to lose large amounts of weight without invasive surgery, a new study has shown.
Bariatric surgery to reduce the size of the stomach is highly effective, but anesthesia for somebody who is very overweight can be risky. Those who want to undergo the surgery must also undergo a long period of preparation to ready them physically and psychologically. It is expensive, and there is a long waiting list in the UK, even though NHS guidance recommends it be considered.
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Bragi's Fancy New Earbuds Translate For You in Real Time

Before the ear-computer market took off, before AirPods and Here Ones and EarIn and Skybuds and IQBuds and Kanoa and a thousand other names you've never heard of, there was Bragi. The German company blew up on Kickstarter in 2014 after introducing a pair of headphones called Dash, which it claimed could play music, measure your health in complicated ways, let you control your gadgets with a nod, and hear the real world and digital audio simultaneously.
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Scientists Achieve Direct Counterfactual Quantum Communication for the First Time

Quantum communication is a strange beast, but one of the weirdest proposed forms of it is called counterfactual communication - a type of quantum communication where no particles travel between two recipients.
Theoretical physicists have long proposed that such a form of communication would be possible, but now, for the first time, researchers have been able to experimentally achieve it - transferring a black and white bitmap image from one location to another without sending any physical particles.
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