Friday Five for June 9th, 2017

Fri, 21 Jul 2017 at 14:10

Oldest Homo Sapiens Fossil Claim Rewrites Our Species' History

Researchers say that they have found the oldest Homo sapiens remains on record in an improbable place: Morocco.
At an archaeological site near the Atlantic coast, finds of skull, face, and jaw bones identified as being from early members of our species have been dated to about 315,000 years ago. That indicates H. sapiens appeared more than 100,000 years earlier than though: most researchers have placed the origins of our species in East Africa about 200,000 years ago.
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You still don't look a day over 200,000.

Mapping the Invisible: Street View Cars Add Air Pollution Sensors

There are 1.3 million miles of natural gas distribution pipelines in the U.S. These pipelines exist pretty much everywhere that people do, and when they leak, the escaping methane - the main ingredient in natural gas - is a potent greenhouse gas, with 84 times the short-term warming effect of carbon dioxide. These leaks can be time-consuming to identify and measure using existing technologies. Utilities are required by law to quickly fix any leaks that are deemed a safety threat, but thousands of others can - and often do - go on leaking for months or years.
To help gas utilities, regulators, and others understand the scale of the challenge and help prioritize the most cost-effective solutions, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) worked with Joe von Fischer, a scientist at Colorado State University, to develop technology to detect and measure methane concentrations from a moving vehicle. Initial tests were promising, and EDF decided to expand the efforts to more locations.
That's when the organization reached out to Google.
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Green street view.

HP Gets in on the External GPU Hype with a Pretty, Large Box

Alongside the announcement of a bunch of gaming computers today, HP is introducing a series of accessories so that it can try to sell gamers the entire package. That includes two displays, a gaming mouse, a mechanical keyboard, and an external GPU enclosure.
The external GPU may be the standout of the bunch (at the very least, it takes up the most room). It's called the HP Accelerator, and it's mostly just a big box with a power supply and space to hold a single graphics card and a hard drive. It also includes several additional ports, including four USB 3.0 and a single USB-C, and connects to a laptop over Thunderbolt 3. 
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Is it too early for Christmas presents?

Your Windows Become Powerful with SolarGaps

If you're about to replace your roof, Tesla has you covered, but roofs have a long life span, and besides, not all of us have the luxury/misery of having a roof to replace in the first place. Most of us have walls with glass in them, however, and that's the window of opportunity SolarGaps is reaching for, with a Kickstarter campaign for its solar panel window blinds.
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Paris Climate Agreement: Tech Giants say "We are still in"

Some of the biggest names in technology - from Apple to Amazon, Google, Lyft, and Spotify - have jumped on board the growing movement of businesses and civic organizations committed to honoring the Paris Agreement on climate change, regardless of the U.S. government's lack of support. The announcement comes days after President Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the landmark deal signed by 195 nations.
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UCLA Is Also Still In